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October 1, 2013 9 comments

Have you seen my posts related to CAT Tools? You might have read an article about Trados, Across, Wordfast, OmegaT, etc. All were under Windows operating system (except OmegaT. It can run on Linux too) and mostly, they were paid software (except Across and OmegaT, they are free). Actually, there are also so many free (even open-source) and cross-platform CAT Tools you can download through internet. Some of them are stand-alone applications, while the rest are only add-ons. If you are just starting a new business in translation, you might want to do low cost investment in CAT Tools in the beginning. Therefore, here I post some cross-platform CAT Tools you might want to have, try, or want to buy.

Anaphraseus. Anaphraseus is an add-on for OpenOffice / LibreOffice Writer. This 249 KB in size application can be downloaded from and can be installed with ease. Although it’s only an add-on, it has general CAT Tools functions such as translation memory to help you “memorize” same phrases or sentences so that you can work faster with some similar documents.

TranslationTable. TranslationTable is actually not a “real” CAT Tool since it has no translation memory or any other facilities that make a translation work easier and faster. It’s only a simple macro aimed to help translators in their simple work. This add-on also works under OpenOffice / LibreOffice Writer by showing two buttons in the toolbar. They are “Create TranslationTable” and “Finish Translation”. This add-on works by splitting paragraphs in a table consisting of 2 columns and some rows (the number of rows represents the number of segments). The left column will be for the source language, and the right one will be a place for us to put the translation. We will be easily to clean up the source language only by clicking “Finish Translation” button. Translation Table has no translation memory, so it’s not suitable for “professional” translation works. But, it’s quite effective for fast and cheap translation works.

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September 10, 2013 Leave a comment

1. Create and Edit Movie Subtitle with Aegisub

Do you want to learn to make a subtitle for a movie  or want to edit a messy downloaded subtitle? Then you can use Aegisub. Aegisub is one of video player-integrated subtitling applications. The function of this video player is to preview your work. But, by its default Aegisub will only show you the video, without the audio. To make the audio can be played, you must load the audio manually through Audio – Open Audio from Video menu. This application can be installed on Windows, Mac, and UNIX as well. And for Windows, there is the portable version too.

The supported video formats are .mkv, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .wmv, and .mp4 while the output file format is Advanced SubStation Alpha (.ass). When we are typing the subtitle, we can determine the specific format for the text such as bold, italic, and colored. For the timing synchronization, we can use the playback function that can be controlled by keyboard with ease.

Generally, we can use Aegisub easily. Just access File – New Subtitle menu to create new subtitle, or File – Open to open existing subtitle file in the directory. The next step is to insert the video you want to add the subtitle to, through Video – Open Video menu. Then, follow it by opening the audio through Audio – Open Audio from Video.





File size: 21 MB (Win), 39 MB (Mac), 4 MB (UNIX)

License type: Freeware

Price: –

System supported: Win XP/Vista/7/8, Mac, UNIX Read more…


May 12, 2013 1 comment

perlmaven site

For weeks, I have been sinking myself deeply into I am doing a voluntary translation for Perl Language Programming tutorial into Bahasa Indonesia. It is fun to do a voluntary work in my spare-time. Usually I spend 2-3 hours a week to translate one or two articles, and then upload it to Sometimes I also spend a couple hours to re-check and update my translation. For now, you can access the Indonesian version of the perl tutorial in

To translate Perl tutorial, I use Across, a premium but free CAT tool that you can use for wide-range document types translation. I use Across since it is free to use (only for freelancer) without worrying the license. Other CAT tools that might be useful can be found here.

Perl tutorials in come in <.tt> format. Since this format is not supported by Across, I need to save it as <.txt> format first then import it to Across. If you want to join in such this project (e.g. want to translate Perl tutorial into your own language), it’s better for you to know about Github first.

Github is a channel where programmers usually make collaboration in developing their codes, especially for open source programming language such as Perl or Python. There are so many links to github tutorial that you can access and learn from. I myself learnt github directly from the owner of, Mr. Gabor Szabo. He taught me to use github from bash / command line. But sometimes, I do improvisation by accessing github from github GUI since it doesn’t need to memorize any command. An easier way is accessing github through its web version, where you can create, edit, and upload files directly (online).


April 4, 2013 2 comments


For weeks, I did a voluntary translation in my spare time for AVI ReComp, an application that its main function is “to merge” subtitle file into AVI video. I translated the interface of AVI ReComp into my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia, using POedit. POedit is a 5.35 MB CAT tools you can get from that is used to translate the PO file. PO file is usually included in a freeware or open source application that the author/developer let the users to take a part in developing that application such as in localizing the software (interface, help file, and even the installation language). The PO file of AVI ReComp is (usually) located in C:\Program Files\AVI ReComp\Locale\template.po. Through POedit, those PO file then will be saved as MO file, which later should be returned to the installation directory so that the application then have a new language (the newly translated one). Read more…


November 15, 2012 Leave a comment

After having no post for several weeks because of my endless daily works, now I am come back to bring you a fresh article that will talk about is a site where you can customize your experience of learning a language. There, although its name contains word “dictionary”, it’s not only providing us a definition of words, but also nice information section that even can be added to our own site by copying a provided code to our site.

free dictionary has many sections that will fulfill our needs related to translation: general online dictionary and thesaurus, legal dictionary, financial dictionary, acronyms, idioms, and encyclopedia (as you can see in the left sidebar of And usually, I use this site to assist me in translating documents (especially if I find difficult words). I also use it to get understanding about specific words or terms, not only in English, but also other languages.

This site is not only useful to look for translation references, but we can read useful information, read a history of great inventors, and play game at the same site too. A popular “Hangman” can be found in the right sidebar of the site. And to test our understanding about vocabularies, we can play “Match Up”. The most interesting thing in this site is the possibility of customizing our homepage by adding contents provided by It means, if you have a web site or blog, you can enrich your site with news section, horoscope section, and any other contents that you can find in Just choose section(s) that you want to add to your site from “For Webmaster” sidebar, get the code, and copy-paste to your site. I would like to do so, but unfortunately I cannot use this since prohibits the users to use JavaScript in their blog.

No more to say, try it!


August 26, 2012 4 comments

While I am finishing my (voluntary) translation job, I will post one more article. Still about translation, a new world that I am trying to involve in. Days ago, I got job notification from that notified me about a proofreading job in Although my proposal to do that job wasn’t accepted, but I got a chance to visit one more good site that I could review and share it to you here.

Learning Foreign Languages is a site where you can learn all languages freely. You are free to download hundreds audio materials to support you learning any languages, from the very basic verbs and sentences used in daily conversation. When you visit it, you will be directed to a page where you can choose your country first by clicking your country’s map. After you click the map of your country, you will be brought to a page where you can choose languages you want to learn. Your browser or download manager will start download a compressed file contains hundreds audio materials of your chosen language. No more to say, just visit it and enjoy learning every language that you are interested in. Cheers!





August 16, 2012 Leave a comment
Translating Anim8or 3D Animation Software Tutorial Using Wordfast

Translating Anim8or 3D Animation Software Tutorial Using Wordfast

Last weeks, I posted 2 articles related to translation. And this week, I’d like to share my own translation job experience. I (and on behalf of Artist-X Studio), have started a voluntary translation project “to help” people who want to learn the basic of 3D animation. I would be translating a manual book of Anim8or (read: animator) into Bahasa Indonesia since there is no sufficient tutorial book for 3D animation here. Not only the “official” manual book, but I’d like to translate some basic tutorials related to Anim8or that I got from Anim8or Lovers’ forum. On the other hands, I choose to translate Anim8or’s manual book because the main application itself is free of charge unlike any other professional 3D animation software. The manual book consists of 167 pages with approximately 26,000 characters in total. Hopefully, I could finish it very soon so that I can start sharing it to the others.

And talking about voluntary project, it is not my first time. Years ago, I gave English subtitle for a short-local film by CLC (Cinema Lovers Community) entitled “Senyum Lasminah” (CLC | 20’00” | 2005). Other voluntary works related to English subtitling by me are:
1. Pasukan Kucing Garong (CLC | 09’42” | 2006)
2. Adu Jago (CLC | 08’51” | 2006)
3. Bioskop Kita Lagi Sedih (CLC | 22’31” | 2006)
4. Mahkotaku 50:50 (CLC | 04’59” | 2006)
5. Ropinah Berkisah (CLC | 07’00” | 2007)
6. Lengger Santi (CLC | 12’12” | 2007)
7. Profil Wisata Banjarnegara (Glovision Production | 2008)
8. Ada Gula Ada Semut (CLC | 20’30” | 2010)
9. Selamatkan Batik Dukuh Mindik (CLC | |2012)

Doing a voluntary translation is something fun for me. Not all translation jobs I take are charged for money. Sometimes, I do a voluntary work to sharpen and examine my skills besides to build and develop relationship among communities around me.