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Since English is only a secondary (or even tertiary) language here in Indonesia, we, the young English learners here are often confused about some “looked same” words. So that’s why, when we are listening to an English dialog, we may often get confused because of some words that spoken similarly to the other words. We call it as homophone. A pair of words that different in their spelling and meaning, but spoken in the same way.

Sometimes, we get confused too, when we are reading a text aloud then find a pair of words that almost the same in their written form, although the way to pronounce them are totally different. So, to make us more aware of the differences among the “almost the same” of English words, here I make a small list of them. If you are interested to develop the table below, please be glad to give any comment.


Bahasa Indonesia

See, Sea Melihat, Laut

  1. Don’t you see her? She is over there.
  2. The whales live in the sea.
Reply, Replay Membalas, Mengulang / Memainkan Kembali

  1. I will reply your text soon.
  2. Please replay the songs.
Not, Knot Tidak / Bukan, Knot

  1. The book is not mine.
  2. Knot is a unit of length used in navigation, exactly 1,852 meters.
Here, Hear Di sini / Ke sini, Mendengar

  1. Please come here.
  2. Please hear me.
Sum, Some Menjumlahkan, Beberapa

  1. Sum all the numbers in the left column!
  2. Some people are gathering in the park.
Tree, Three Pohon, Tiga

  1. There is one coconut tree in the garden.
  2. There are three coconut trees in the back yard.
Plan, Plant Rencana, Tanaman

  1. Do you have a plan for this weekend?
  2. I plan to plant some flowers in the yard.
Leaf, Leave Daun, Pergi / Meninggalkan

  1. The green leaf is a symbol of our community.
  2. We will leave at 5pm.
Rode, Road Menaiki (V2 dari kata Ride), Jalan

  1. They rode a bike for days to reach my village.
  2. There are many holes on the road, make it unsafe to ride fast.
Rise, Raise Naik, Menaikkan

  1. I like to rise at 6am or 7am.
  2. If you have a question, please raise your hand.
Price, Prize Harga, Hadiah

  1. The price is $1.
  2. The prize was only a set of stationery.
Right, Write Benar / Kanan, Menulis

  1. Please stand up in the right side of that yellow box!
  2. Write down your name, please!
Weather, Whether Cuaca, Apakah

  1. The weather is unpredictable, nowadays.
  2. I’m not sure, whether she’ll come or not.
Presents, Presence Hadiah / Menghadiahi, Kehadiran / Keberadaan

  1. She got a lot of presents in her birthday party.
  2. Her presence is absolutely important.
Sight, Site Pandangan / Pemandangan, Tempat / Situs

  1. It was a bad sight for me.
  2. The site was prepared to build a national monument.
Bear, Bare Beruang, Gundul

  1. The lonely bear lives in the deep of the jungle.
  2. The top of the hill is bare.
Advice, Advise Saran, Menyarankan

  1. She gave me an advice so that I learn harder.
  2. I advise you not to take it.

Once you come to know the spelling and meaning of these homophones you need to practice them for a better understanding. The more you use them, the easier it will become.