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August 1, 2013 2 comments
PhraseExpander Main Windows

PhraseExpander Main Windows

Writing an article has never been easier before the era of auto-text software (some people call it as auto-complete or text expander software). But nowadays, people can write faster with auto-text applications which can reduce typing time. My last post was talking about PhraseExpress, a free and semi-pro auto-text application that would be very useful to help you in writing documents quickly. And today, I give you a review about PhraseExpander, a more professional auto-text application that will enhance your auto-texting experience.

PhraseExpander’s interface is looked like Ms. Office and it’s so easy to understand even for novices. It’s only consisting of 3 menus that will facilitate us to create and manage glossaries and phrases, and one Help menu. PhraseExpander actives in the system tray, but it only consumes low to moderate memory.

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June 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Why do you learn English? Is that an only must be-completed subject at school? Or, do you have a dream to have a career that rely on English? If you want to have a career related to English mastered, just have a look at the table below to see your chances:



Your chances

1. English book writer Write story, tutorial book, or any book type then contact book publishers in your town, or publish the book by yourselves. Or try work online:
2. Contributor for English magazine or newspaper If you like writing (short stories, poems, etc.), you can send your writing to English magazine or newspaper. The good, you may get some money from it.
Check: Magazines in Indonesia
3. Journalist, reporter, newscaster Usually, big TV or radio stations (although not in English countries) need English-fluent reporter or newscaster.
Check: Media Reporter Jobs
4. Translator, proofreader, interpreter, translation agency translatorscafe, proz, translatorsbase
or build your own translation agency.
5. Tour guide Is there any interesting tourist object in your town? Then why do not you go there and offer yourselves to be a tour guide for foreigners? You can go as a team too, with your friends.
6. Volunteer Some non-profit institutions are hiring volunteers for their social or education missions, such as IALF or the others. Spending your own spare time for writing educational English blog or managing an English club voluntarily is also good.
7. Ambassador Do you love (have a dream) to go abroad and meet various people? Do you love about politics, culture, social, and all about nation? Being ambassador may a good choice.
8. English teacher Being an English teacher? It is a standard ”mission” of common people to learn English. But no problem. It is a good profession.
9. Open an English course at home Teaching English does not always at school. You can open an English course at home too. It is so challenging!

So, which field that you might interest in?

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April 29, 2011 4 comments

A few days recently, I tested several dictionary application. Almost all application I tried were satisfying. The word “satisfying” here means that I felt that the application could accommodate my needs for “perfect” English dictionary. Babylon, Oxford Dictionary of English, and The Sage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus are three digital dictionaries that I tested. From those dictionaries, I choose The Sage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus as my favorite.
Actually, the first application I tried was Oxford Dictionary of English. The interface was so simple. We only need to type a certain word that we want to know the description / meaning then press ENTER. We will be shown the meaning of that word. So, just the same as its name and its book version, this application also work only as ordinary dictionary.

The second application I tested was Babylon. Actually, I got this software for about 3 or 4 years ago but I almost never tried it. Then, when I tried Oxford Dictionary of English, I remembered Babylon so I installed it. Unfortunately, the full version of this application was a proprietary (need to purchase it), while I only have the trial version. So I could not test it further. But, from the “Help” menu, we could know that Babylon is a powerful tool to understand English words.

The last application and the most satisfying application (for me) was The Sage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Just the same as Oxford and Babylon, this application has a main function to translate English to English. But, this application has more superiorities than two previous applications above. More complete database, nicer interface, and the most important thing is free while Oxford and Babylon need to be bought to give us full features. The features of The Sage are definition concordancer, example concordancer, semantic similarity, wildcard, anagram, etc. Each features has their own sub-features that will make us easier to use a certain word. Especially, it provides the real example of word’s usage in a sentence.

By using The Sage’s English Dictionary and Thesaurus I can track all words that I have learnt. Not only that, I also can make a list of “favorite” words. This list can be used as our personal dictionary. So, better you try it by yourselves so that you can experience new way of using dictionary.

Thianhvan – Trac Nghiem Anh Van
I give you one more application that will help you to improve your English: TRAC NGHIEM ANH VAN. This software contains multi-choice tests, which will test your Basic English and general knowledge. You can decide the number of questions and time to answer the questions by yourselves. After the time is up (or you finish in answering questions before the time is over), you can preview the result and see your score.

The interface of this software was actually in Vietnamese language. But don’t worry, I will show you how to use it.
OK we will start from “So cau hoi”. Fill the box with the number of question you will process. Then, in “Thoi gian lam bai”, fill the time you need to finish answering the questions. The timer will countdown your time. Last, press “Bat dau” to start answering questions.
After you finish in answering the questions, press “Ket Thuc” then “Chap nhan”. You will see the score and you may review the result of your work.

To review your work, click “Xem Chi Tiet”. If you want to stop, press “Thoat”.


March 26, 2011 3 comments

It’s been quite long time, I have no articles posted here. The main reason was my recent business that always consumes my time, so I couldn’t post any article here. Luckily, before I got so busy, I have prepared some articles so today when I have spare-time, I could post one more interesting article (I thought hehe…). Enjoy it!

Windows Speech Recognition

Windows Speech Recognition

Computer is very useful for our daily life and everyone knows it. But maybe not all people pay special attention to a very innovative and potential function in it: speech recognition. If you are running Windows 7, you will find a function named “Windows Speech Recognition”. It gives us chance to interact with the computer such as giving command to run / open a program, even writing and sending e-mail for us.

The basic concept of “Windows Speech Recognition” is making a real interaction between the computer and the user. User (we) can open a program or asking computer to do something for us.

The fun side of using this feature is that we can work with our computer while learning English, especially learning to practice “perfect” English. By using speech recognition function, we will learn how to use English correctly. Because the computer will only understands English with a perfect pronunciation. It is not a matter even we must speak clearly and correctly but we can’t. It just a fun way to practice and examine our English.

If we have a problem with Windows Speech Recognition, the computer will give some options about what should the computer do when it doesn’t understand what we say. For example, when we command the computer to type a sentence and it doesn’t spell the sentence correctly, Windows will give many option. When we say “clear” unclearly, the computer may hear and write “clean”. The only thing we should do is saying “undo” or “correct clean”. It’s a simple, Windows will show us many options such as: (1) layer, (2) player, (3) where, (4) clear. We need to choose “four” to correct the wrong word. The better we speak, the faster computer do something for us. Faster than writing or commanding with mouse pointer and or keyboard.

The ability of computer in listening and understanding our command is not only caused by our fluency and proficiency in English, but also complete configuration. When we do a complete configuration (following the step-by-step in configuring), the computer will become more sensitive to our voice.

To access “Windows Speech Recognition” function, you can do this: click on START menu. Choose ALL PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES. Choose EASE OF ACCESS, then WINDOWS SPEECH RECOGNITION. With its slogan, “Dictate text and control your computer by voice”, this feature is really fun and useful. Try it!


February 24, 2011 2 comments

writing clip artBeing a writer is a “brave” and “elitist” choice. Because a choice to be writer means that we will work out of prevalence (kelaziman). By writing, we will always in a process to be smarter, more sensitive to the environment, and so on. So that why, writing is recognized as an activity that can engage all brain components and make our brain cells stay active (it prevent us from being senile). Because, when we want to write something, we also count, feel, read, discuss and make association, listen or observe something, and rebuild information. What a complete activity, isn’t it?

But, have you ever imagined about “what is your real purpose” in writing if writing is your hobby? Or, did you decide about your main reason in the first time you write something? Is that to be a famous writer with a lot masterpieces and money? Or, maybe you have a “special mission” in deciding to be a writer? Read more…