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September 27, 2015 3 comments


Do you always find your students lack of motivation in improving their English? If you do, then you might want to stop giving them harder homework. Or stop teaching them using vocabulary cards. Or stop asking them to memorize 5 new words every day. Or stop forcing them to take a remedial test every time they failed in the previous test. Or stop all of your conventional teaching methods. You want to give them a space to relax and start to talk to them heart-to-heart.

Maybe, you also need to re-motivate your students and remind them about the importance of English. Do not only say that English is an important international language, because some language experts say that English is not the #1 anymore, but there are Chinese, French, Germany, or even Russians!

If you have a plan to re-motivate your students, you can use the following popular quotes about learning languages that I took randomly from many websites. Of course, they are adjustable to be delivered in your English class. They might be a short quote. But they have very deep meaning. Enjoy! Read more…


June 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Why do you learn English? Is that an only must be-completed subject at school? Or, do you have a dream to have a career that rely on English? If you want to have a career related to English mastered, just have a look at the table below to see your chances:



Your chances

1. English book writer Write story, tutorial book, or any book type then contact book publishers in your town, or publish the book by yourselves. Or try work online:
2. Contributor for English magazine or newspaper If you like writing (short stories, poems, etc.), you can send your writing to English magazine or newspaper. The good, you may get some money from it.
Check: Magazines in Indonesia
3. Journalist, reporter, newscaster Usually, big TV or radio stations (although not in English countries) need English-fluent reporter or newscaster.
Check: Media Reporter Jobs
4. Translator, proofreader, interpreter, translation agency translatorscafe, proz, translatorsbase
or build your own translation agency.
5. Tour guide Is there any interesting tourist object in your town? Then why do not you go there and offer yourselves to be a tour guide for foreigners? You can go as a team too, with your friends.
6. Volunteer Some non-profit institutions are hiring volunteers for their social or education missions, such as IALF or the others. Spending your own spare time for writing educational English blog or managing an English club voluntarily is also good.
7. Ambassador Do you love (have a dream) to go abroad and meet various people? Do you love about politics, culture, social, and all about nation? Being ambassador may a good choice.
8. English teacher Being an English teacher? It is a standard ”mission” of common people to learn English. But no problem. It is a good profession.
9. Open an English course at home Teaching English does not always at school. You can open an English course at home too. It is so challenging!

So, which field that you might interest in?

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April 11, 2011 4 comments

Some of us are often confuse and feel not confident when we must write in English. The most popular reason is about grammar. But now, by visiting we will be helped to construct perfect writing because this site will check the gaffes of our writing from the grammar side, punctuation, and style. Another feature of this site is the ability of checking the possibility of plagiarism. You only need to copy and paste your text into a space given. After a few minutes checking, this site will show you the statistic contains possibility of plagiarism, revision suggestion, style suggestion, spelling check, grammar, and punctuation.


Check Your Grammar

Check Your Grammar

The picture above was taken from on Sunday, March 29, 2011 when I tried to “test” one of my articles. The result could be seen as above. I got so many corrections in contextual spelling check, grammar, punctuation, style, and words choice. But globally, I got 75 points as my score and my article was original (contains no plagiarism).

If you are writing for a serious purpose (paper or web site / blog), you better try this site to improve your writing capability. Because this site also helps us by showing “where we should focus on” in writing.


April 2, 2011 1 comment

Do you still have problem with memorizing vocabularies?

vocabulary application

vocabulary application

Vocabularies as the main component of a foreign language are often so confusing to be memorized. Many techniques have been discovered to learn and memorize vocabularies quickly and simply. Some people may offer card-match technique or another method. But, if you still feel difficult to learn and memorize new vocabularies, you should try a software named VocabTest which will help you to memorize new vocabularies quickly and easily. Some features on this software are Multi-choice Test, Auto Progress, Daily Words, Random Wordlist, Lookup / Search, Word-Matching, and highlighting of error spelling.

With this software, you will learn a vocabulary, including the synonym, antonym, and the application on the sentences. To make it much more easier, you may build your own vocabulary list with your own sentences as the applied vocabulary on sentences.


February 24, 2011 2 comments

writing clip artBeing a writer is a “brave” and “elitist” choice. Because a choice to be writer means that we will work out of prevalence (kelaziman). By writing, we will always in a process to be smarter, more sensitive to the environment, and so on. So that why, writing is recognized as an activity that can engage all brain components and make our brain cells stay active (it prevent us from being senile). Because, when we want to write something, we also count, feel, read, discuss and make association, listen or observe something, and rebuild information. What a complete activity, isn’t it?

But, have you ever imagined about “what is your real purpose” in writing if writing is your hobby? Or, did you decide about your main reason in the first time you write something? Is that to be a famous writer with a lot masterpieces and money? Or, maybe you have a “special mission” in deciding to be a writer? Read more…


October 7, 2010 2 comments

When I was teaching English Extra Program in SMA N 1 Bukateja (2008), my students asked me, whether there is a translator device to make translation process become faster.

There are several ways to get fast translation: software, hardware, and system. The example of these ways are Transtool (software), AlfaLink (hardware, digital dictionary), and Google translate (system). Not only from bahasa Indonesia into English or from English into bahasa Indonesia. But, some devices such as digital dictionary can also translate to many, many languages. Yeah, today, digital dictionary and translator software can be found as easy as to use it. But, please note, that the problem in translating a language through software are about accuracy and time consuming. When we try to translate using a software, maybe we get it faster. But, after that you need to check the result’s accuracy related with the context. Sometimes, a word can’t be used if be combined with other words to arrange a sentence. So, finally we need to check word by word, line by line, context and usage of terms, even the completeness of sentence. It’s consuming more time! On the other hands, direct / manual translating through opening dictionary, will make us memorize well about new vocabularies and enrich our vocabularies too. Although, we aren’t prohibited to use technology. Technology made to help us, but don’t trust it too much. Because the technology was made by human and never be perfect.