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September Podcast-Making Project

September 12, 2016 2 comments

After a quite long time break, I finally can post new podcast again. Thank you for my sister, Vida Dwi Pringgani for helping me. For my fellow readers, happy listening! 🙂



Do you have a good story that will be good to be recorded? Let me know and let’s publish it!

May Podcast-Making Project

May 2, 2016 Leave a comment

Hello again,

It’s been a while since my last post. And since my recent focus is about making listening material, so I’m proudly present the new audio podcast for you, to practice your listening skill.

And for this May issue, I collaborate with my friends, Lilis and Syifa (thanks for them). Please check out our tracks below. And for the previous issues of the podcasts, please open up these links: and Or, visit my Soundcloud page here to see the complete list.






  1. The copyrighted image (cover) of “A Boy and A Bear” story was taken from here
  2. The copyrighted image (cover) of “The Spider and The Fly” story was taken from here
  3. The copyrighted image (cover) of “Fox and The Goat” story was taken from here
  4. The copyrighted image (cover) of “The Ant and The Grashopper” story was taken from here
  5. The copyrighted image (cover) of “The Hawk and The Hen” story was taken from here
  6. The copyright of the images belongs to their respective owner / creator / publisher.


June 27, 2015 Leave a comment

Listening Materials Projects

Long time before I post about storynory I had a simple plan to create audio materials to help English learners around me to enhance their listening capability by recording common stories and then upload them here. So, they can listen (or download) the materials for practice and more people can also get the same benefits.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good voice and good pronunciation to be recorded. So I asked for a help from some friends who concerned about English. Some of them were teachers, English enthusiasts, students, neighbor, friends from different towns, and ex-classmate. I sent a file contained some famous fables by Aesop and other writers. I asked all of my colleagues to record one or two stories while reading the story(ies). After that, they should send the recorded stories to me through e-mail. I said that I would accept any audio file formats (mp3, wav, ogg, etc.).

But I wasn’t luck. Only 3 people sent the recorded stories and the audio quality might not very good since they were recorded using different devices. But, it’s still OK for the beginning. Here are a few of our works:

The Goal of The Project

This “project” was intended to create positive content—a simple listening material—that will support English teaching-learning process, especially listening activities. But not only that, the recording process was also intended to improve our speaking capability. I do hope that by creating this simple audio podcasts, we will improve our pronunciation, reading skill, voice management skill, the skill on using technology to create learning medium, and finally can help listeners (learners) with their listening.

Hall of Fame

I address a big, big, big, and very big thank you to the following people for helping me on this project:



My pretty and cute sister, Puput Tri Widiastuti
2. Akbar and Wahyu Adi, the students of UMP (Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto), under supervision of my lecturer, Mr. Khristianto
3. Friends who had promised to send their recorded voice in the near future

Without you all, this small project would never run at all. Let’s keep making a crowd!


  1. The copyrighted image (cover) of “Babu and The Lion” story was taken from here
  2. The copyrighted image (cover) of “Goose That Laids Golden Egg” story was taken from here
  3. The copyrighted images (covers) of “King of The Jungle and A Little Mouse” story were taken from here and here
  4. The copyrighted image (cover) of “The Dog and The Wolf” story was taken from here

The copyright of the images belongs to their respective owner / creator / publisher.


May 10, 2015 4 comments

It’s getting harder for me to steal a few hours in the middle of my recent activities, even only to write a short post for this blog. But I had promised myself that posting an article here is as important as my endless daily routines.

In this occasion, I just want to share you about a very nice site where you can take some benefits from.

Do you often need narrative texts to help you teach your students or just as an exercise for yourselves?

Do you often need an audio podcast to train your students or even just to train your listening capability?

If the answers are “YES”, then maybe you want to visit There, you are not only able to read various English short stories, fables, and fairy tales by famous writers, but you can also listen to the audio format of the stories and download the audio for later use—free of charge!

Are you interested? Go to now and have a nice day!