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April 30, 2012 1 comment
Blogging in WordPress

Blogging in WordPress

Photo-blogging, have you ever heard about that? Talking about blogging, you may remember a personal web site service by Blogger, WordPress, Multiply, etc.

Since the beginning of 2000’s, and for years, people use free blogging services such a WordPress or blogger to post and share various information such as news, tutorial, personal experience about something, and even to display photos.

Just like a written post, photo-blogging is something fun, entertaining, and also inspiring. Photo-blogging refers to an activity to post photos and explain the background of displaying them. The reasons could be vary: for fun, or to show to the world about their daily activity and or hobby.

Usually, people who do photo-blogging is someone who likes traveling or has a hobby about photography. They love to share their experience after visiting a particular place or doing a tremendous activity, the change of seasons photographs, or events such as a parade or festival. Really, it’s something fun as you can see such as in,,, or And of course, you will find more photo-blog addresses on the internet.

Photographs, although they talk about daily activity or surrounding scenery, are sometimes seems great, depends on how we see it. What we can see as an ordinary thing sometimes become more beautiful and awesome in a photograph. You may experience it too, when you try to take a photograph of your surroundings with a certain angle. You may see that the photograph seems like not really your surroundings. Or when you try to take a photograph of food. With a certain angle or lighting, the food will be looked “different”. Through photographs, what we see as an ordinary thing, could be an extraordinary thing for other people. That’s why I said that photographs are sometime speak more than words. And I do believe too, that photo-blogging is also useful to improve English ability. Especially to improve writing skill such as writing descriptive text, report, and even narrative text. So, if you are a teacher and you love to take photographs, I recommend you to have a photo-blog to collect your photographs about anything to use them as writing material (topic) in your class. It must be very fun, then.


January 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Do you have a lot of questions you usually give to your students as a homework or worksheet at school? Are you tired and bored of wasting papers and ink to print the questions for your students? If so, you may try a software called “Wondershare Quiz Creator”. This proprietary application is so powerful to organize and share your “questions bank”.

Wondershare QuizCreator is a software developed by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd that focused on making, organizing, and sharing any kind of test such as true-false questions, multiple choices, multiple responses, fill in the blank, matching, sequence, word bank, click map, and short essay. Besides that, you can make a survey too, with categories: like scale, yes/no question, pick one/pick many, short answer, matching, ranking, which word, and essay. The interface is almost the same as Microsoft Office Suite’s interface, so it will make you comfort as working in Microsoft office environment. It so powerful to build a flash-based application and make you keep focus on the material, not the design. It’s also easy to use: type the questions in the question column, and type the answer(s) or the choice(s) in the answer column. You are free to decide the given point for each right answer, too. The supported output formats are flash application (need flash player version 9 or higher), Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, and pack into CD. Besides that, you can share your works by uploading them to Wondershare website or your own website / blog.

Wondershare QuizCreator can simplify your work in building test application than using other authoring software that might force you to master a particular programming language or lines of codes. You can type as many as questions you want and it will instantly show the result of the test (the score) in the end of test. To try Wondershare QuizCreator, you can download a 15 days trial from After the trial period has expired, you may decide to buy it later. To download the example of the test, you can visit


December 24, 2011 2 comments

Very late, but better than no post at all 🙂

Today, I’m going to talk about culture. And talking about culture, we know that my country (Indonesia) is very rich of culture. Hundreds of local language, dances, songs, hand-made crafts, and ceremonies. Some of them have been recognized by the world, and the rest are (sometimes) still unknown even for us.

One of the well-known world heritages in Indonesia is Batik. And several weeks ago, I got a chance to interview the winner of Pemilihan Putra-Putri Batik Purbalingga competition named Riski Purwitasari or commonly called as Pruzy, a registration officer in Harapan Ibu Hospital, Purbalingga. Here are my interview results with Pruzy:

Well, Zy, could you tell me what kind of competition you have just involved in?

Yeah, it was “Kompetisi Pemilihan Putra-Putri Batik Purbalingga”. It was organized by Panitia Reuni Akbar SMA N 1 Purbalingga and Disbudparpora Purbalingga. It was held on November 27 in the hall of SMA N 1 Purbalingga.

How many participants did involve in that competition?

There are so many participants that I couldn’t count the exact number. But there were some categories such as kid, teenager, and adult.

What did you do in that competition?

It was only a fashion show, so I just walk in the catwalk. And actually, I hoped that the competition would be more than an ordinary fashion show.

What is your opinion about such kind of competition, and why did you participate in it?

Actually, a Batik fashion show is a very good idea to promote and introduce Batik to our society, especially Batik from Purbalingga. And because I am originally come from Purbalingga, I felt like have a duty to take a part in promoting Batik Purbalingga to much more people.

What were the elements of scoring in that competition or fashion show?

The first was the Batik itself, should be originally from Purbalingga. The second was congeniality, and the third was the way we perform in the catwalk.

What do you think about Batik Purbalingga itself?

Batik from Purbalingga has unique patterns that would be different each other among many kinds of Batik that exist in Purbalingga. In Purbalingga, we would find Batik of Limbasari, Tlagayasa, Dagan, Selabaya, and Galuh.

How many Batik patterns do you know?

Batik from Purbalingga has many unique patterns as I said before. But, Batik from Purbalingga is commonly serve us dot motif with “brave” color. Batik from Purbalingga also has classic motifs such as Wahyu Temurun, Kukilo Asmoro, Sido Mulyo, Wahyu Ningrat, Pring Sedapur, Jaean, Gedongkosong, and Sido Asih.

You said about classic motifs. Is there any modern motif for Batik from Purbalingga?

Yes, of course. The example of modern motif is strawberry motif. It represents and describes the fact that Purbalingga is also strawberry producer.

What about the philosophy of each motif?

Each motif has its own philosophy, but it would be so long to tell you one by one. But I can give you one example of the philosophy. That is the philosophy of strawberry motif that I have mentioned before. It represent and describes the fact that Purbalingga is also strawberry producer.

Well, after that competition, what is your plan, or maybe hope?

Actually, I will go to Semarang on July next year for the same competition but for higher level. For the hope, of course I hope that there will be more youths that will take a part in developing and helping forward Batik from Purbalingga. Batik is not only a work of old woman in the village, but should be owned by all society where the Batik is exists. I also hope that Batik will be an extracurricular or material in art lesson in each school in Purbalingga. I don’t want Purbalingga people don’t know their local Batik or the Batik is claimed as other country tradition. I also want to create and invent new motif and pattern for Batik Purbalingga. Several years later, I want to have my own Batik showroom.

By the way, do you join any Batik community too?

Actually, not a real community. I join Batik Tirtamas, a local Batik showroom. That is not a community, but a kind of business center. Fortunately, I got chance and permission to learn more about Batik in there.

Now, I have a personal question. Does your mother work for Batik too?

Yes. Batik is inherited from my ancestor. My mother, my grandmother, my aunties, all can make Batik. The soul of art seems like bleeding in me.

So, because your environment is Batik producer, you are interested in Batik?

I am interested in Batik not only because I feel “I have to be” like my parents. But because there is something inside me that “force” me to love Batik. That is the pattern. I love any patterns of Batik. Because I love them, I want to imitate and invent new patterns.

So far, what are the benefits of learning to make Batik?

Making Batik trains my patient and makes me relax at the same time. By making Batik, I can express myself freely. And of course, I become more productive in my spare-time after work. Luckily, some people around me are often buy my self-created Batik. Wow, I got financial profit, then.

Well, last question. I think making Batik is almost as easy as drawing or painting. Is that true?

Completely not the same as drawing or painting. You will feel different way of control between making Batik and drawing or painting in a canvas. The most difficult thing in making Batik is “nyanthing” process. Once you fail in doing it, you should start it over.

Well, thank you Zy. See you.

Yap, see you too …..


Want to build friendship with Risky Purwitasari (Pruzy) or see her profile in Facebook? Here is her e-mail address:


September 5, 2011 1 comment

Antivirus, the front guard of every computer is a very important application that we must pay much attention. As we know, antivirus protects our computer from being hijacked and “monitored” by unauthorized person. But many people, I guess, still don’t understand how antivirus works and what they should do with installed antivirus in their computer. Because so far I work to repair some PC’s and laptops due to virus injection, I found some cases related to the users’ unawareness and carefulness. They are: choosing best antivirus, wrong antivirus setting, the usage of antivirus, and the users’ awareness to update their antivirus. Read more…


June 30, 2011 3 comments

New academic year is coming. There will be “new life” in each school with many activities to welcome new students such as orientation (MOS), “Persami” (or whatever the name), etc. But, so far I know, almost there is no school which organizes “English Night” or “English Camp” in the beginning of academic year.

English Night may become a creative way to welcome new students while teach and provoke the students into new way of thinking that English is easier than before through some creative methods. The sessions should not be formal and each session will take longer time than ordinary / classical teaching-learning process in the classroom. This way is to ensure each participant get the same chance to explore their English ability (as we know that sometime we “run out” of our teaching time at the class).

Some activities we may apply in an English Night are motivation session, training of debate and practice, speech training, genre training + journalism, and students’ performance. Although the activities seems to be the same as the activities in the classroom, but the session I suggest here should be totally different. I suggest no teacher in every session, but the senior students (as a peer educators) and some experts or competent alumni so that the session not too formal (except in SMP, teacher may still fully involve). Yeah, as we know that teacher mostly create formal and ceremonious session. Besides that, every session should be delivered through fun and interactive ways, no teaching-learning process as we do in the classroom. If it is possible, play a game or ask the students to sing English song acoustically in every transition of sessions. The most important thing is encourage our students to learn and practice their English as much as and as often as possible.

The example of motivation session is about “how to” learn English effectively as I often post in this blog. For the game session, we can apply “Follow me” game, “Running dictation” game, Quick quiz, etc. Then, for the genre training, we can bring the students to the historical place (or other places) around the school or camp-site if the English Night is in outdoor. Through this activity, students can learn and experience how to make a narrative, report, recount, or procedure text. At the same time, students can be directed to practice the basic of journalism that well-known as 5W + 1H.

At last, there will be some advantages of English Night besides it can be a forum where students freely to practice their English and knowledge they already got in the classroom. English Night is a good “atmosphere” to start an English Club and as a place to create “intimacy” among the students, and it is very useful as a “building character” session. And remember: teenagers love living outside, adventures, and making a lot of movement. So that why, most of teenagers don’t like to have a sit in a long time in the classroom. They need to walk around and even scream! So, bring them out of your classical class and have fun.


March 26, 2011 3 comments

It’s been quite long time, I have no articles posted here. The main reason was my recent business that always consumes my time, so I couldn’t post any article here. Luckily, before I got so busy, I have prepared some articles so today when I have spare-time, I could post one more interesting article (I thought hehe…). Enjoy it!

Windows Speech Recognition

Windows Speech Recognition

Computer is very useful for our daily life and everyone knows it. But maybe not all people pay special attention to a very innovative and potential function in it: speech recognition. If you are running Windows 7, you will find a function named “Windows Speech Recognition”. It gives us chance to interact with the computer such as giving command to run / open a program, even writing and sending e-mail for us.

The basic concept of “Windows Speech Recognition” is making a real interaction between the computer and the user. User (we) can open a program or asking computer to do something for us.

The fun side of using this feature is that we can work with our computer while learning English, especially learning to practice “perfect” English. By using speech recognition function, we will learn how to use English correctly. Because the computer will only understands English with a perfect pronunciation. It is not a matter even we must speak clearly and correctly but we can’t. It just a fun way to practice and examine our English.

If we have a problem with Windows Speech Recognition, the computer will give some options about what should the computer do when it doesn’t understand what we say. For example, when we command the computer to type a sentence and it doesn’t spell the sentence correctly, Windows will give many option. When we say “clear” unclearly, the computer may hear and write “clean”. The only thing we should do is saying “undo” or “correct clean”. It’s a simple, Windows will show us many options such as: (1) layer, (2) player, (3) where, (4) clear. We need to choose “four” to correct the wrong word. The better we speak, the faster computer do something for us. Faster than writing or commanding with mouse pointer and or keyboard.

The ability of computer in listening and understanding our command is not only caused by our fluency and proficiency in English, but also complete configuration. When we do a complete configuration (following the step-by-step in configuring), the computer will become more sensitive to our voice.

To access “Windows Speech Recognition” function, you can do this: click on START menu. Choose ALL PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES. Choose EASE OF ACCESS, then WINDOWS SPEECH RECOGNITION. With its slogan, “Dictate text and control your computer by voice”, this feature is really fun and useful. Try it!


February 24, 2011 2 comments

writing clip artBeing a writer is a “brave” and “elitist” choice. Because a choice to be writer means that we will work out of prevalence (kelaziman). By writing, we will always in a process to be smarter, more sensitive to the environment, and so on. So that why, writing is recognized as an activity that can engage all brain components and make our brain cells stay active (it prevent us from being senile). Because, when we want to write something, we also count, feel, read, discuss and make association, listen or observe something, and rebuild information. What a complete activity, isn’t it?

But, have you ever imagined about “what is your real purpose” in writing if writing is your hobby? Or, did you decide about your main reason in the first time you write something? Is that to be a famous writer with a lot masterpieces and money? Or, maybe you have a “special mission” in deciding to be a writer? Read more…