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buku menerjemahkan dunia

Menerjemahkan Dunia is a book authored by Mr. Dewantoro Ratri that tells us mostly about how to be a “good English teacher” based on his bulk teaching experiences. The book contains 202 pages with very “light” language, using informal daily conversation style (plus a lot of humor) so readers wouldn’t get bored reading it till the end.

The book tells us about the process of Mr. Dewantoro to be an English trainer—more than to be an ordinary English teacher. On his journey to succeed like nowadays, he met a lot of inspiring people and in his book, he shares all the stories.

The book is consisting of 7 main chapters with some sub-chapters each. Here in this post, I’d like to “expose” my 4 most favorite sub-chapters with a few of words. I hope you’ll buy the book and experience the amazing of Menerjemahkan Dunia.

Technic #1: Password, Longer Speech, and Repetition

In this sub-chapter, Mr. Dewantoro talks about his first years of teaching, how he was introduced to a set of effective teaching technics, and how he succeeded in applying those technics that you, later, can imitate to reach a better English class.

He explains the ease of creating English-speaking environment using a chain of technics called password, longer speech, and repetition. Of course, these technics may not effective for some teachers due to differences in daily teaching style. These technics need a very high attention and consistency because they are quite frustrating, a long term project, and may lead you to an endless hopelessness. But, keep reading and you will find how Mr. Dewantoro could apply those technics easily and successfully.

A word that can change a world

Here in this sub-chapter, Mr. Dewantoro explains about how to measure the scale of the students’ real achievement (even if they “fail” to answer a question) and how to change teachers’ habit to not saying negative words when students answer incorrectly or when they have bad behavior in the class.

Good order = good result

Do you believe in good order = good result? Here in this topic, you will be explained about the concept of ideal class that you can adopt. Of course, as an “ideal” concept, it often on the other side side of reality. But trust me, in this topic Mr. Dewantoro will reveal how to do an extra effort for your success English teaching!

About grammar

Studying grammar is not only useless but also harmful – A.J. Hoge, the founder of Effortless English

Grammar (and also tenses) are very famous “problem” both for teachers and students. How many tricks have you applied to solve grammar problems? Read some alternatives of problem solving start from page 125.

At last….

Menerjemahkan Dunia is different. It is a very interesting book that will raise teachers’ spirit to be more active, more attractive, and more innovative. Mr. Dewantoro, with his experiences in stimulating students and building a successful English environment shares his ideas just like a flowing wind.

The book covers all English teaching aspects, start from listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All are covered in the right order. Yes, start from listening, speaking, reading, then writing! You’ll love it like I do. There is no technical instruction, there is no extreme method, and there is no “duty” to follow his technics. All are returned to you as a reader and as a teacher. He has stated that the technics and methods may be ineffective for some teachers.

There are a lot of amazing stories inside the book. You will get inspired the soon you open and read the first page.

Where to get the book from

Menerjemahkan Dunia is not only a rare item, it’s exclusive! You can reach Mr. Dewantoro through his Facebook, blog, or e-mail to order his book.

  1. July 2, 2015 at 8:19 am

    Is this book available on Gramedia?

    • July 2, 2015 at 9:03 am

      Unfortunately not. You can order the book directly to the author because it’s a self-published book. It’s only IDR 50,000 (shipping cost excluded) 😀

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