Things Your English Books Don’t Tell You

For about a month ago, I bought a very interesting book entitled “Things Your English Books Don’t Tell You” from Buku Kita. The book contains a lot of information that can be rarely found in the common English text books (and also in the classroom).

The contents of the book were actually a compilation of tweets by @englishtips4u. But, although the book was “developed” from tweets on Twitter, it doesn’t literally mean that the book only contains short sentences as on Twitter. So, would you like to read further about the book? Here we go:

What is TYEBDTY?

“Things Your English Books Don’t Tell You” is a book published by PandaMedia that mostly talks about many things as mentioned in its title. The book contains 328 pages with 11 entertaining chapters.

The first chapter is about understanding the basic of grammar and tenses. Sounds boring? Actually, not at all. Although in this chapter the book talks about grammar and tenses, it describes and explains them in very simple and easy words. You will be guided to understand grammar and tenses in a quick way.

Chapter 2 is really about things your English book never tells you! Yeah, in this chapter you will see how English language is used daily in “incorrect” way here in Indonesia. See how Indonesian people absorb, mix, and create and apply new expressions using English. From now on, after reading this chapter, you’ll might be re-think and realize that English is fun although it sometimes wrong in its use.

Slang: Why Learning English is cool, is the topic of third chapter. There, you will learn slang—the coolest expressions in practicing and applying a language—from US, UK, and Australia. This chapter is followed by the next chapter (chapter 4) which talks about idiom. Idioms: guaranteed to make your day. Exactly!

Then, the chapter 5. Here in this chapter you will read a lot of common confusing words. Maybe you often find words that seem to be the same but actually not. And in this chapter, you will get explained about the difference between advice and advise, close and closed, congratulation and congratulations, etc. Some common mistakes are also explained in the next chapter (chapter 6).

In the chapter 7, you will read everything about vocabularies: chatting abbreviations; vocabularies for particular topics such as about music, movie, crime, and sport; tips and tricks to remember new vocabularies, etc. You will also get explanation about why a dictionary is so important.

Chapter 8 talks about Indonesian English. Pardon me, Indonesian English? So far, I only know British English and American English. What is Indonesian English? Actually, it’s not a new form or new type of English. This chapter only explains how Indonesian “difficult” words should be translated correctly into English. You’ll love to read it. I’m sure!

After you know a lot of Indonesian English, it’s time for the “test” now in chapter 9. In this chapter, the book reveals about the secret of IELTS and TOEFL. Would you dare to read this chapter?

Learning English will take a long time if you are lack of motivation. So, by reading the chapter 10, your spirit in learning English may increase. But wait, in chapter 10, you’ll not only find motivating sentences to keep learning English, but also motivating sentences for life.

And finally, in the chapter 11, you will find a lot of random interesting facts about English. Just the same as slangs and idioms, the information in this chapter will totally make your day and increase your knowledge about English.

So, how’s my total score for this book?

The book is served with very light words so it will not make you bored. The information inside of the book are basically crucial and important to know by every English learners. So I totally recommend this book to be owned and should be in the bookshelf in your library. And if you are a teacher, you can use the materials in this book as a reference, additional material, or just to give your students an intermezzo. I give score 90 for this book. Absolutely!

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