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Good English

When I was looking for an idea to create a February blog post, I found my friend’s article entitled “Want a job abroad? Improve your language and communication skills!”. It was a very nice post. Although the orientation of the article was about improving language skills for computer programming projects, but I’m sure that it also works for other fields of jobs.

So there, my friend, Gabor, explained that to get better job, or even job abroad, we need to master at least English. Of course, other languages are also important, but in some places you can get by knowing only English. So, besides improving your working skills, if you would like to work in another country, you also need to improve your communication skills (at least) in English.

In most places the local teams communicate in their own language, but in many place they also use English to some extent. In some places you can get by knowing only English. In some rare places you can get by with the local language and English reading skills, but in most places being able to communicate well in English, at least reading and writing, is critical.

Gabor Szabo, the creator and owner of http://perlmaven.com/

So, the importance of English is undeniable and it has been told all around the world, in every English class, both at schools and language course centers. English is exactly still “a universal” language which people should master for daily international communication, although Mandarin might be the most spoken language because of its number of speakers.

When I say communication it does not necessarily mean talking, though that’s definitely important. In many cases, especially if you are a remote worker, you can get by with reading and writing skills.

Gabor Szabo, the creator and owner of http://perlmaven.com/

A response from Natalya Savenkova

Not so long after Gabor posted his article about suggestion to improve language skill, another friend, Natalya Savenkova posted an article entitled “How I learn English” to respond Gabor’s article. Natalya’s article was nice and impressive too. It talked about the way she “engaged” with English learning. She also explained the power of English as follow:

English language will allow you:

  • To share your own experience and get it from developers and communities from another countries.
  • To read documentations quickly and carefully.
  • To talk to tech support directly using forums.
  • To read books which will never be translated into your native language.
  • To visit international summits without translator.
  • And of course to write code without shameful mistakes.

Natalya Savenkova, Russian translator for http://perlmaven.com/

Yes, English does have those power, and so that’s why mastering English as your second language—if your mother tongue isn’t English—is a must! And, there are several ways to learn English offered by Natalya. She did the following things and you may copy her tricks:

  • Set English language for interfaces of all my devices (computer, mobile phone…).

  • Started studying at an English school near my home. It’s just for motivating and keeping up the rhythm. And I have an opportunity to talk to teachers and other students in the school.

  • Vocabulary is a big problem with studying languages. For improving it I use online-service Lingualeo. You can watch videos, listen to the music, read texts and exercise words you want to remember. It has mobile applications too. I use it while going to work.

  • Began translating English articles but it’s difficult if you have lack of time.

  • Subscribed on podcasts. It’s convenient when you can’t read for example. While cooking or walking on your feet. New podcasts automatically downloads on my iPad and deletes after listening.

  • Started using English for searching something on the web. It was difficult at the beginning.

  • To be honest, I didn’t begin reading professional books immediately because it’s important for me to read it quick. If I have a translation of these books I prefer translation. My vocabulary is not enough good. But I read many technical articles on the web during the day.

  • If you want to improve speaking I suggest you to find speaking club in your city. Just for training your speech.

So, what is your opinion? I myself believe that English will open the doors of opportunities in our career. If I decided to stop learning English 8 years ago, I might never get chances to involve in many prestigious translation projects, both voluntary and paid projects. And today, I’m still learning and practicing English to get better improvement and to reach “higher” proficiency level.

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