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Unique FontsCapital letters are commonly known to be used in the first word of every sentence. But, besides that, capital letters are also used for the name of people, places, and many more. Here are the complete lists of the usage of capital letters.

Capitalize name of people (including his/her title)


  1. Thomas Alfa Edison
  2. Mr. Bill Gates
  3. Professor Williams
  4. Dr. Joseph

Capitalize name of a country, name of areas (including streets, buildings), languages, political regions, specific geographical locations, organizations, and courses


  1. Germany, French, Italy
  2. English, Chinese, Telugu
  3. Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame, The Grand Opera House, Eiffel Tower
  4. Uluru National Park, Bogor Botanic Garden, Sahara Desert, Seine River, Java Island, Sunda Strait, Pacific Ocean, Mount Merapi
  5. First Avenue, Oak Street
  6. Southeast Asia, Middle East, Far East, Northern Territory
  7. United Nations, World Trade Organization, Red Cross, Python Programming Course,

Capitalize names of days, months, and holidays


  1. Sunday
  2. September
  3. Independence Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day
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