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Why do you learn English? Is that an only must be-completed subject at school? Or, do you have a dream to have a career that rely on English? If you want to have a career related to English mastered, just have a look at the table below to see your chances:



Your chances

1. English book writer Write story, tutorial book, or any book type then contact book publishers in your town, or publish the book by yourselves. Or try work online:
2. Contributor for English magazine or newspaper If you like writing (short stories, poems, etc.), you can send your writing to English magazine or newspaper. The good, you may get some money from it.
Check: Magazines in Indonesia
3. Journalist, reporter, newscaster Usually, big TV or radio stations (although not in English countries) need English-fluent reporter or newscaster.
Check: Media Reporter Jobs
4. Translator, proofreader, interpreter, translation agency translatorscafe, proz, translatorsbase
or build your own translation agency.
5. Tour guide Is there any interesting tourist object in your town? Then why do not you go there and offer yourselves to be a tour guide for foreigners? You can go as a team too, with your friends.
6. Volunteer Some non-profit institutions are hiring volunteers for their social or education missions, such as IALF or the others. Spending your own spare time for writing educational English blog or managing an English club voluntarily is also good.
7. Ambassador Do you love (have a dream) to go abroad and meet various people? Do you love about politics, culture, social, and all about nation? Being ambassador may a good choice.
8. English teacher Being an English teacher? It is a standard ”mission” of common people to learn English. But no problem. It is a good profession.
9. Open an English course at home Teaching English does not always at school. You can open an English course at home too. It is so challenging!

So, which field that you might interest in?

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