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perlmaven site

For weeks, I have been sinking myself deeply into perlmaven.com. I am doing a voluntary translation for Perl Language Programming tutorial into Bahasa Indonesia. It is fun to do a voluntary work in my spare-time. Usually I spend 2-3 hours a week to translate one or two articles, and then upload it to https://github.com/Khadis/perl5maven.com. Sometimes I also spend a couple hours to re-check and update my translation. For now, you can access the Indonesian version of the perl tutorial in http://id.perlmaven.com/.

To translate Perl tutorial, I use Across, a premium but free CAT tool that you can use for wide-range document types translation. I use Across since it is free to use (only for freelancer) without worrying the license. Other CAT tools that might be useful can be found here.

Perl tutorials in https://github.com/Khadis/perl5maven.com come in <.tt> format. Since this format is not supported by Across, I need to save it as <.txt> format first then import it to Across. If you want to join in such this project (e.g. want to translate Perl tutorial into your own language), it’s better for you to know about Github first.

Github is a channel where programmers usually make collaboration in developing their codes, especially for open source programming language such as Perl or Python. There are so many links to github tutorial that you can access and learn from. I myself learnt github directly from the owner of http://szabgab.com, Mr. Gabor Szabo. He taught me to use github from bash / command line. But sometimes, I do improvisation by accessing github from github GUI since it doesn’t need to memorize any command. An easier way is accessing github through its web version, where you can create, edit, and upload files directly (online).

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