Crossword Maker

CROSSWORDS. Just as its name, this application offers something related to crosswords. But it is not a crosswords game, it is a crosswords maker. Not only crosswords, it can create a word-search module too.

Its interface and the way it works are so simple. We just need to prepare “the crossword’s answers” typed in Notepad. One word in one line / one row (one word below the others). After you prepare “the answer”, start the application and then click on “Open word list” to insert “the answer”. Now, click on the “Create…” and choose your need: crossword or word-search. A few seconds later, the application will generate your Notepad (text) file into a crossword or word-search form. The output will be a 2 pages PDF file. For the crossword, the first page is a crossword with the answers and the second page is a blank crossword form.

This application can be used to make a crossword or word-search game form. If you use it to make an English crossword, the application will be gladly to generate clues so that you do not need to type them by yourselves, or to be confused to look for the appropriate clues. But if you want to make a non-English crossword, the clues will only be a warning saying “No definition for word…”.

You can get this 4MB application for free from or from some popular download channel such as Softpedia. This application is so cool to have. It also useful to help you to create a creative learning module. Try it!

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