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After having no post for several weeks because of my endless daily works, now I am come back to bring you a fresh article that will talk about http://thefreedictionary.com/.

http://thefreedictionary.com/ is a site where you can customize your experience of learning a language. There, although its name contains word “dictionary”, it’s not only providing us a definition of words, but also nice information section that even can be added to our own site by copying a provided code to our site.

free dictionary

http://thefreedictionary.com/ has many sections that will fulfill our needs related to translation: general online dictionary and thesaurus, legal dictionary, financial dictionary, acronyms, idioms, and encyclopedia (as you can see in the left sidebar of http://thefreedictionary.com/). And usually, I use this site to assist me in translating documents (especially if I find difficult words). I also use it to get understanding about specific words or terms, not only in English, but also other languages.

This site is not only useful to look for translation references, but we can read useful information, read a history of great inventors, and play game at the same site too. A popular “Hangman” can be found in the right sidebar of the site. And to test our understanding about vocabularies, we can play “Match Up”. The most interesting thing in this site is the possibility of customizing our homepage by adding contents provided by http://thefreedictionary.com/. It means, if you have a web site or blog, you can enrich your site with news section, horoscope section, and any other contents that you can find in http://thefreedictionary.com/. Just choose section(s) that you want to add to your site from “For Webmaster” sidebar, get the code, and copy-paste to your site. I would like to do so, but unfortunately I cannot use this since wordpress.com prohibits the users to use JavaScript in their blog.

No more to say, try it!

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