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Translating Anim8or 3D Animation Software Tutorial Using Wordfast

Translating Anim8or 3D Animation Software Tutorial Using Wordfast

Last weeks, I posted 2 articles related to translation. And this week, I’d like to share my own translation job experience. I (and on behalf of Artist-X Studio), have started a voluntary translation project “to help” people who want to learn the basic of 3D animation. I would be translating a manual book of Anim8or (read: animator) into Bahasa Indonesia since there is no sufficient tutorial book for 3D animation here. Not only the “official” manual book, but I’d like to translate some basic tutorials related to Anim8or that I got from Anim8or Lovers’ forum. On the other hands, I choose to translate Anim8or’s manual book because the main application itself is free of charge unlike any other professional 3D animation software. The manual book consists of 167 pages with approximately 26,000 characters in total. Hopefully, I could finish it very soon so that I can start sharing it to the others.

And talking about voluntary project, it is not my first time. Years ago, I gave English subtitle for a short-local film by CLC (Cinema Lovers Community) entitled “Senyum Lasminah” (CLC | 20’00” | 2005). Other voluntary works related to English subtitling by me are:
1. Pasukan Kucing Garong (CLC | 09’42” | 2006)
2. Adu Jago (CLC | 08’51” | 2006)
3. Bioskop Kita Lagi Sedih (CLC | 22’31” | 2006)
4. Mahkotaku 50:50 (CLC | 04’59” | 2006)
5. Ropinah Berkisah (CLC | 07’00” | 2007)
6. Lengger Santi (CLC | 12’12” | 2007)
7. Profil Wisata Banjarnegara (Glovision Production | 2008)
8. Ada Gula Ada Semut (CLC | 20’30” | 2010)
9. Selamatkan Batik Dukuh Mindik (CLC | |2012)

Doing a voluntary translation is something fun for me. Not all translation jobs I take are charged for money. Sometimes, I do a voluntary work to sharpen and examine my skills besides to build and develop relationship among communities around me.

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