Being a translator is not only rely on the ability of translating source language into target language. But, to help and support translating process, a translator need a special application called CAT (Computer Aided Translation). These applications are very important in work effectiveness and efficiency. And even almost all job posters (such as in need translators who have and able to operate CAT tools.

CAT tools are not a dictionary and or application that will automatically translate a particular document. CAT tools are application with the main function as a sentences and paragraphs splitter that will split them into small parts / segments in order to ease you in translating and analyzing a sentence or paragraph. CAT tools are also enclosed by a memory capability to help you in inserting the sentences that you use repeatedly or the same sentences from another document. The same sentences or paragraphs, both from the same document or different one, can be easily inserted into the current document. Accuracy level of CAT tools in remembering the same sentences and or paragraphs is almost 100%. If you find a small difference such as in punctuation, then you just need to add or remove it as your need. With CAT tools, you will save 60%-70% of your time from copying and pasting from another document. It will really save your time, isn’t it?

CAT tools are also can be used to save your own terminology dictionary and glossary. If you are going to be a translator for a specific field, CAT tools are really helpful. The usage of particular terms will be exactly and rapidly inserted into your document.

Some of CAT tools that a translator must have are:

1. SDL Trados

The most popular CAT tools and the most you must have is SDL Trados. Almost all job poster in translation sites such as or require a translator having SDL Trados. But unfortunately, this most professional application has a very high price. Only if you are serious in being a translator, you should invest your money for this application. But, if you want to try its trial version, you can get it from


2. Wordfast

Wordfast is also one of CAT tools that have memory function that will help you in remembering words or phrases you use repeatedly. Besides it has paid application, Wordfast also has a Ms. Word plug-ins that can be downloaded freely from


3. MemoQ

Application that you can download it from is one of CAT tools that you should try. The recent version, MemoQ 5.0 is only 26,1 MB in size and just the same as any other CAT tools, it can work for any document formats: Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. PowerPoint, Adobe Indesign, HTML, etc. Unfortunately, its trial version “cannot be used” unless you have the license key.


4. MetaTexis

If you feel more comfortable to do your job in Ms. Office environment rather than studying CAT tools interface from the beginning, you can try MetaTexis. This application is the same as Wordfast. It is “planted” into Ms. Word as an add-ins. So that why, first requirement of using this application is you must have Ms. Word application in your computer.


5. OmegaT

If you are running Ubuntu as your operating system, you can find OmegaT in Ubuntu Software Center. Although it’s free and has a very simple interface, this application is quite powerful to help you in doing professional translation.


The applications above are only some of many CAT tools that you can use to help you in translation process. There are other applications such as De Javu, Across, Tstream, Fortis, and Lokalize that you may try or buy.

Other tools (for suggestion):

1. Across


2. Fluency


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