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English is not only a language for daily communication. English is also a language that may bring you furthermore: earn you much money!

There are so many services on internet that offer us money with only simple English mastered. For advance, English expert can use the English ability for being translator, proofreader, etc. And today, here I am going to tell you some benefits of mastering English to continue my previous post about What We Can Do with Our English, by showing you some nice sites that you may try to earn money from.

1. www.translatorscafe.com

Here, in this site, I am trying to work as a freelance translator. I love to work here because I didn’t need to invest money first to get job. I work for this site in translating general document. Some fields that I’m focusing on are computing, desktop publishing, education, tour and travel, and subtitling. The joys of being member of this site are: free registration, instant access to job database, free to compete with master members in bidding job, easy to setup profile and upload our CV, and new job notifications are sent directly to our inbox. Here we can meet hundreds translators, proofreaders, and interpreters. We can also join community and help each other in translating specific terms. If we wish to be a paid member, we will get a chance to bid a job earlier than free member, because the job notification is released to paid member first before it appears to all members.

2. www.translatorsbase.com

Just the same as translatorscafe.com, translatorsbase.com is also providing hundreds of translation job chances. One of benefits that I mostly like is, by being paid member we will get a ready-use web site to promote our services.

3. www.translationdirectory.com and www.traduguide.com

translationdirectory.com offers list of 7,600 translation agencies that we may use to look for suitable translation job. Unfortunately, to get the list, we must pay for 48 EUR. Pretty expensive for a newbie, even the admin said that we may get the money back (and even more) after doing some translation job. In fact, to do translation job, we must compete each other to win clients’ satisfaction. Because the clients need the most perfect translation result, not who is the first bidding or finishing the job.

Then, about www.traduguide.com. Nothing I can explain more about it, but it has so many features that we can get by being paid member.

translation job in traduguide

All the jobs offered in the sites above can be done both online and offline. It means, you can do the jobs in your spare time, or you can work as a full time translator. So, are you interested?

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