May 27th, 2012 I came to the 4th JSDC (Jenderal Soedirman Debating Championship) after my friends invited me to come there. JSDC was a debating championship that be held for 3 days by Jenderal Soedirman University every 2 years. And a luck for me, I could come and see some matches.

This 4th JSDC took “Reign This Day” as the theme. According to the committee, it means you (the participants) were the king, so everybody should do the best effort. It was the reason too, why the committee put the symbol of crown in the logo.

The committee has several purposes regarding to this JSDC. They were to improve English competence, to proliferate English debate ability, and to improve critical thinking, quick respond, and logic. And as the previous JSDCs, there were a lot of school that participated in it. And there were 26 teams involved in the 4th JSDC. They came from Senior High School all across Java. For instance: Purwokerto, Purbalingga, Cirebon, Tasikmalaya, Yogyakarta, etc. Why only 26 teams? Simply because the committee had Java scale event. They had done their best effort to invite all the school. Yet, several of them have an event or another agenda.

Debating championship in JSDC was using Australasian Parliamentary system which each teams consist of 3 debaters. They played for preliminary and elimination round (including octofinal, quarter final, semifinal, and grand final round). And the greatest things here was the committee invited special judges, Boby Andika Ruitang, a Deputy Chief of Adjudication from Universitas Indonesia.

Here are the photos of the winner:

SMA 2 Cirebon As The Champion

SMA 1 Ajibarang As The Runner Up

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