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I have been attracted to learn English more and more since I was in first grade of junior high school. And I enjoyed every English learning (even when I had been graduated from my senior high school), until I got chance to be an English club instructor for 2 years. I was not a real teacher, just a junior instructor that helped teacher in motivating and guiding the students when they would have events such as debating competition or speech contest. But from those 2 years teaching experience I got so many conclusions about teaching. One of my understanding was I understood that teachers play very important roles in every teaching-learning process. The style of teaching, characteristic, competence, knowledge, attitude, and many things will bring different effects to the students’ achievement.

I have just taken a test in http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/ to reveal what kind of teacher I am. The test gave me a fantastic result, which you must try it too. Why should I take such that kind of test (in fact, I am not teaching anymore, but working in another field of business)? Of course, to know my real style in teaching and measure my productivity, if I were a real teacher. This test was almost the same as IQ test or personality test with 24 questions. In the end, you will be shown the result that mainly about your characteristic and what should you do to improve your own skill and students’ skill. This test was really honest and useful. It has prompted some further thoughts on how I might improve some things in not only the classroom but in my teaching. In short, all teachers should try this test to evaluate the characteristic and productivity. Good luck!

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