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Blogging in WordPress

Blogging in WordPress

Photo-blogging, have you ever heard about that? Talking about blogging, you may remember a personal web site service by Blogger, WordPress, Multiply, etc.

Since the beginning of 2000’s, and for years, people use free blogging services such a WordPress or blogger to post and share various information such as news, tutorial, personal experience about something, and even to display photos.

Just like a written post, photo-blogging is something fun, entertaining, and also inspiring. Photo-blogging refers to an activity to post photos and explain the background of displaying them. The reasons could be vary: for fun, or to show to the world about their daily activity and or hobby.

Usually, people who do photo-blogging is someone who likes traveling or has a hobby about photography. They love to share their experience after visiting a particular place or doing a tremendous activity, the change of seasons photographs, or events such as a parade or festival. Really, it’s something fun as you can see such as in stoltzproject.com, ryanjohnsonfilms.com, figandthewasp.wordpress.com, or concreteandsky.wordpress.com. And of course, you will find more photo-blog addresses on the internet.

Photographs, although they talk about daily activity or surrounding scenery, are sometimes seems great, depends on how we see it. What we can see as an ordinary thing sometimes become more beautiful and awesome in a photograph. You may experience it too, when you try to take a photograph of your surroundings with a certain angle. You may see that the photograph seems like not really your surroundings. Or when you try to take a photograph of food. With a certain angle or lighting, the food will be looked “different”. Through photographs, what we see as an ordinary thing, could be an extraordinary thing for other people. That’s why I said that photographs are sometime speak more than words. And I do believe too, that photo-blogging is also useful to improve English ability. Especially to improve writing skill such as writing descriptive text, report, and even narrative text. So, if you are a teacher and you love to take photographs, I recommend you to have a photo-blog to collect your photographs about anything to use them as writing material (topic) in your class. It must be very fun, then.

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    June 29, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Love your writings…

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