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Very late, but better than no post at all 🙂

Today, I’m going to talk about culture. And talking about culture, we know that my country (Indonesia) is very rich of culture. Hundreds of local language, dances, songs, hand-made crafts, and ceremonies. Some of them have been recognized by the world, and the rest are (sometimes) still unknown even for us.

One of the well-known world heritages in Indonesia is Batik. And several weeks ago, I got a chance to interview the winner of Pemilihan Putra-Putri Batik Purbalingga competition named Riski Purwitasari or commonly called as Pruzy, a registration officer in Harapan Ibu Hospital, Purbalingga. Here are my interview results with Pruzy:

Well, Zy, could you tell me what kind of competition you have just involved in?

Yeah, it was “Kompetisi Pemilihan Putra-Putri Batik Purbalingga”. It was organized by Panitia Reuni Akbar SMA N 1 Purbalingga and Disbudparpora Purbalingga. It was held on November 27 in the hall of SMA N 1 Purbalingga.

How many participants did involve in that competition?

There are so many participants that I couldn’t count the exact number. But there were some categories such as kid, teenager, and adult.

What did you do in that competition?

It was only a fashion show, so I just walk in the catwalk. And actually, I hoped that the competition would be more than an ordinary fashion show.

What is your opinion about such kind of competition, and why did you participate in it?

Actually, a Batik fashion show is a very good idea to promote and introduce Batik to our society, especially Batik from Purbalingga. And because I am originally come from Purbalingga, I felt like have a duty to take a part in promoting Batik Purbalingga to much more people.

What were the elements of scoring in that competition or fashion show?

The first was the Batik itself, should be originally from Purbalingga. The second was congeniality, and the third was the way we perform in the catwalk.

What do you think about Batik Purbalingga itself?

Batik from Purbalingga has unique patterns that would be different each other among many kinds of Batik that exist in Purbalingga. In Purbalingga, we would find Batik of Limbasari, Tlagayasa, Dagan, Selabaya, and Galuh.

How many Batik patterns do you know?

Batik from Purbalingga has many unique patterns as I said before. But, Batik from Purbalingga is commonly serve us dot motif with “brave” color. Batik from Purbalingga also has classic motifs such as Wahyu Temurun, Kukilo Asmoro, Sido Mulyo, Wahyu Ningrat, Pring Sedapur, Jaean, Gedongkosong, and Sido Asih.

You said about classic motifs. Is there any modern motif for Batik from Purbalingga?

Yes, of course. The example of modern motif is strawberry motif. It represents and describes the fact that Purbalingga is also strawberry producer.

What about the philosophy of each motif?

Each motif has its own philosophy, but it would be so long to tell you one by one. But I can give you one example of the philosophy. That is the philosophy of strawberry motif that I have mentioned before. It represent and describes the fact that Purbalingga is also strawberry producer.

Well, after that competition, what is your plan, or maybe hope?

Actually, I will go to Semarang on July next year for the same competition but for higher level. For the hope, of course I hope that there will be more youths that will take a part in developing and helping forward Batik from Purbalingga. Batik is not only a work of old woman in the village, but should be owned by all society where the Batik is exists. I also hope that Batik will be an extracurricular or material in art lesson in each school in Purbalingga. I don’t want Purbalingga people don’t know their local Batik or the Batik is claimed as other country tradition. I also want to create and invent new motif and pattern for Batik Purbalingga. Several years later, I want to have my own Batik showroom.

By the way, do you join any Batik community too?

Actually, not a real community. I join Batik Tirtamas, a local Batik showroom. That is not a community, but a kind of business center. Fortunately, I got chance and permission to learn more about Batik in there.

Now, I have a personal question. Does your mother work for Batik too?

Yes. Batik is inherited from my ancestor. My mother, my grandmother, my aunties, all can make Batik. The soul of art seems like bleeding in me.

So, because your environment is Batik producer, you are interested in Batik?

I am interested in Batik not only because I feel “I have to be” like my parents. But because there is something inside me that “force” me to love Batik. That is the pattern. I love any patterns of Batik. Because I love them, I want to imitate and invent new patterns.

So far, what are the benefits of learning to make Batik?

Making Batik trains my patient and makes me relax at the same time. By making Batik, I can express myself freely. And of course, I become more productive in my spare-time after work. Luckily, some people around me are often buy my self-created Batik. Wow, I got financial profit, then.

Well, last question. I think making Batik is almost as easy as drawing or painting. Is that true?

Completely not the same as drawing or painting. You will feel different way of control between making Batik and drawing or painting in a canvas. The most difficult thing in making Batik is “nyanthing” process. Once you fail in doing it, you should start it over.

Well, thank you Zy. See you.

Yap, see you too …..


Want to build friendship with Risky Purwitasari (Pruzy) or see her profile in Facebook? Here is her e-mail address: rizky.purwitasari@gmail.com

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