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New academic year is coming. There will be “new life” in each school with many activities to welcome new students such as orientation (MOS), “Persami” (or whatever the name), etc. But, so far I know, almost there is no school which organizes “English Night” or “English Camp” in the beginning of academic year.

English Night may become a creative way to welcome new students while teach and provoke the students into new way of thinking that English is easier than before through some creative methods. The sessions should not be formal and each session will take longer time than ordinary / classical teaching-learning process in the classroom. This way is to ensure each participant get the same chance to explore their English ability (as we know that sometime we “run out” of our teaching time at the class).

Some activities we may apply in an English Night are motivation session, training of debate and practice, speech training, genre training + journalism, and students’ performance. Although the activities seems to be the same as the activities in the classroom, but the session I suggest here should be totally different. I suggest no teacher in every session, but the senior students (as a peer educators) and some experts or competent alumni so that the session not too formal (except in SMP, teacher may still fully involve). Yeah, as we know that teacher mostly create formal and ceremonious session. Besides that, every session should be delivered through fun and interactive ways, no teaching-learning process as we do in the classroom. If it is possible, play a game or ask the students to sing English song acoustically in every transition of sessions. The most important thing is encourage our students to learn and practice their English as much as and as often as possible.

The example of motivation session is about “how to” learn English effectively as I often post in this blog. For the game session, we can apply “Follow me” game, “Running dictation” game, Quick quiz, etc. Then, for the genre training, we can bring the students to the historical place (or other places) around the school or camp-site if the English Night is in outdoor. Through this activity, students can learn and experience how to make a narrative, report, recount, or procedure text. At the same time, students can be directed to practice the basic of journalism that well-known as 5W + 1H.

At last, there will be some advantages of English Night besides it can be a forum where students freely to practice their English and knowledge they already got in the classroom. English Night is a good “atmosphere” to start an English Club and as a place to create “intimacy” among the students, and it is very useful as a “building character” session. And remember: teenagers love living outside, adventures, and making a lot of movement. So that why, most of teenagers don’t like to have a sit in a long time in the classroom. They need to walk around and even scream! So, bring them out of your classical class and have fun.

  1. Ticka
    July 13, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Kapan mas, mau direalisasikan English Camp-nya? e-mail dah kuterima.

  2. nur
    August 1, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Happy fasting mas…. Blognya kok belum up date lagi?

    • khadis
      August 1, 2011 at 9:02 am

      Thanks, Nur. I haven’t sufficient time to write for now. But for some next few days, i promise that I’ll write again. For Tika, I’m still waiting for some friends responses regarding that proposal.

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