Do you still have problem with memorizing vocabularies?

vocabulary application

vocabulary application

Vocabularies as the main component of a foreign language are often so confusing to be memorized. Many techniques have been discovered to learn and memorize vocabularies quickly and simply. Some people may offer card-match technique or another method. But, if you still feel difficult to learn and memorize new vocabularies, you should try a software named VocabTest which will help you to memorize new vocabularies quickly and easily. Some features on this software are Multi-choice Test, Auto Progress, Daily Words, Random Wordlist, Lookup / Search, Word-Matching, and highlighting of error spelling.

With this software, you will learn a vocabulary, including the synonym, antonym, and the application on the sentences. To make it much more easier, you may build your own vocabulary list with your own sentences as the applied vocabulary on sentences.

  1. harry oke
    April 9, 2011 at 9:08 am

    i think the software was so interesting n helpful. i hope many teachers willingly to use it as a new method of building active students by submitting new words and sentence to that software. great idea,mas…

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