It’s been quite long time, I have no articles posted here. The main reason was my recent business that always consumes my time, so I couldn’t post any article here. Luckily, before I got so busy, I have prepared some articles so today when I have spare-time, I could post one more interesting article (I thought hehe…). Enjoy it!

Windows Speech Recognition

Windows Speech Recognition

Computer is very useful for our daily life and everyone knows it. But maybe not all people pay special attention to a very innovative and potential function in it: speech recognition. If you are running Windows 7, you will find a function named “Windows Speech Recognition”. It gives us chance to interact with the computer such as giving command to run / open a program, even writing and sending e-mail for us.

The basic concept of “Windows Speech Recognition” is making a real interaction between the computer and the user. User (we) can open a program or asking computer to do something for us.

The fun side of using this feature is that we can work with our computer while learning English, especially learning to practice “perfect” English. By using speech recognition function, we will learn how to use English correctly. Because the computer will only understands English with a perfect pronunciation. It is not a matter even we must speak clearly and correctly but we can’t. It just a fun way to practice and examine our English.

If we have a problem with Windows Speech Recognition, the computer will give some options about what should the computer do when it doesn’t understand what we say. For example, when we command the computer to type a sentence and it doesn’t spell the sentence correctly, Windows will give many option. When we say “clear” unclearly, the computer may hear and write “clean”. The only thing we should do is saying “undo” or “correct clean”. It’s a simple, Windows will show us many options such as: (1) layer, (2) player, (3) where, (4) clear. We need to choose “four” to correct the wrong word. The better we speak, the faster computer do something for us. Faster than writing or commanding with mouse pointer and or keyboard.

The ability of computer in listening and understanding our command is not only caused by our fluency and proficiency in English, but also complete configuration. When we do a complete configuration (following the step-by-step in configuring), the computer will become more sensitive to our voice.

To access “Windows Speech Recognition” function, you can do this: click on START menu. Choose ALL PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES. Choose EASE OF ACCESS, then WINDOWS SPEECH RECOGNITION. With its slogan, “Dictate text and control your computer by voice”, this feature is really fun and useful. Try it!

  1. Parmana
    March 29, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Nice post. Worth trying to habituate our English and maybe to be efficient.

    • khadis
      April 2, 2011 at 11:09 pm

      Thanks for both Mr. Parmana and firelines. Hope it will inspire you all….

  2. firelines
    March 29, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    ok, i’m going to try it. nice article, mas….

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