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writing clip artBeing a writer is a “brave” and “elitist” choice. Because a choice to be writer means that we will work out of prevalence (kelaziman). By writing, we will always in a process to be smarter, more sensitive to the environment, and so on. So that why, writing is recognized as an activity that can engage all brain components and make our brain cells stay active (it prevent us from being senile). Because, when we want to write something, we also count, feel, read, discuss and make association, listen or observe something, and rebuild information. What a complete activity, isn’t it?

But, have you ever imagined about “what is your real purpose” in writing if writing is your hobby? Or, did you decide about your main reason in the first time you write something? Is that to be a famous writer with a lot masterpieces and money? Or, maybe you have a “special mission” in deciding to be a writer?

Some people write for fun while the others write for “duty” and serious purposes such as for campus journal, wall magazine, newspaper, etc. And maybe, you have various motivations in writing something. But hopefully, you don’t write (article, poem, short story or novel) just for fun. Because if so, it means that you have spent your life wasted away. In fact, you are potential to be a productive man. So, it’s better for you to inspire other people through your writing than write for fun only. Who knows, that your writing can be useful for other people, right?

If you have just started to write (anything: articles, novels, poems), it’s better for you “to decide” about your very first motivation so that later, your writing has a “character” and good quality. The motivation here means whether you write for making money, just for popularity, or inspiring people around you. Your reason to write something will determine your writing quality. But if you never had a decision about your real motivation in the first time you write something, you might find and compare the reasons as follow:

1. Want to be smarter

How can a man who like writing be smarter?

“Smarter” and or “smart” here doesn’t mean that by writing something, you will be smarter in a particular lesson at school. “Smart” here means has a wide range of knowledge. Because a man who loves writing must be a good reader too. The more you read, the more references you get for your writing. And by reading, human improve their knowledge and life-skill.

2. Has a religion mission

Dakwah is one of people’s reasons in writing. The popular fiction example is “Ketika Cinta Bertasbih”. Besides it has Dakwah mission, it has entertaining and inspiring mission too.

3. Want to control emotion and be more well-organized


Some people are bad in giving direct speech. But through writing, people can manage their brilliant ideas and make revision before they “publish” the ideas.

4. Want to get more friends and make money

Being a real writer, being famous, having a lot of fans, and getting much money as royalty of our published writing. Hm, they are dreams for most of us, right? There are so many people that have realized their dream by being a writer.

Your motivation about writing could be different with what I mentioned above. You may give enlightenment or inspiration to other people, share your ideas and experiences, or entertaining people. But remember, don’t write for “iseng” only. Because if so, it means that you have wasted away your meaningful time and life. If you have found “good reason” to start writing, it means that you are ready to be a real famous writer. Congratulation!

  1. February 24, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Tag-surfing today…
    me-think, as fiction writer, it is allowed to write for fun. If you have fun telling stories to yourself, you’ll have fun writing stories for others to read. That’s how I started, writing mostly for myself – and now I’m ready to go indy (writing in English, and it’s not my mother tongue) and publish to the world! 😉

    • khadis
      February 25, 2011 at 10:01 am

      That’s right. By teh way, thanks for visiting. Your site is also nice….

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