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In handling an English club, we are about managing so many things. Moreover, if we are the leader. Besides we must arrange the schedules, find out the interesting ways to learn English (such as game, quiz, discussion), etc. we also have to pay attention to “the important things” in organization. They are:

  1. Clear and fix job description. As a leader, we have to be able to explain the function and limitation of the works (job description). Means that “what should be done” for the running period. So, although our English club has purpose to develop English skills through fun activities, it doesn’t mean that our English club isn’t formal. Wherever the English club exists, an English club should have clear structure in organization.
  2. Good coordination and communication. A leader of an English club should be able to make a good coordination in formal and informal ways. Formal means coordination through weekly / monthly meetings or in an event. And informal coordination means coordination outside of organization’s activities or being a good friend, not only as commander. A good leader would listen to his / her staffs and give solutions if they have problem.
  3. Give rewards. For a success event or success program, a leader needs to appreciate his / her staffs’ works to eternalize the relationship between the leader and the staffs. An appreciation doesn’t always mean money (salary) except it’s possible. But, a sincere “thank you, guys” can be a good (and free) appreciation too. An English club isn’t always a “play area”. In a particular condition, English club also a formal institution. Moreover, if it’s located at school. So, besides managing ourselves to be able to use our English, an English club also a place for learning about organization. A good organization must has clear command line, schedule, budgeting, etc. because those things are the “basic” before we run activities or events. Without clear command line, we can’t command the members. How can we command them if they are not respecting us as the committee (because they think there’s no committee)? So, make your English club well-managed in organization side first.
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