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Many countries around the world speak English as mother tongue. The others use English has the language of government, education, trade, tourism, entertainment, broadcasting, etc. There are so many variations about grammar, structure, spelling, and also pronunciation. But, they are not a big problem as long as the English still can be understood by other English speakers. Really, you’ll find the differences among American English speaker, British English speaker, Australian English speaker, etc. But, the style of your English is yours, whether you’ll use American, British, Australian, Singaporean English, or other English style.

Your style will show your culture too. Like in Australia, to say “How are you?”, the people of Australia pronounce it as sound “Hawaya”, not like we usually pronounce normally. So, although foreigners speak English everyday and every time, not all of them speak “correctly”. Most of foreigners from different countries have different style, idiom, expressions, etc.

So, let’s take a conclusion that it doesn’t matter to “mix” your English with your own styles in order to make you more comfortable in speaking English. But, don’t too excessive. Because in communication, English and or other languages also should be understood by the interlocutor. A language isn’t only yours. English is also not only belongs to the English, but also belongs to world English speaking community around the world.

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