afraidOnly four words, but it’s stimulating enough our emotion, isn’t it? Yes! We feel that people uncertain with our capability. They despise us! But, stay calm guys! Don’t need to be angry because actually it’s only a motivating sentence. You must rise up to prove that you’re not afraid, you’re not stupid. Except you’re true a fainthearted person. So you’ll response nothing.

I got this word from my English club (Siaga Yudha English Conversation Club, Batam). Usually, we use it before the class begin, after the class finish, and every my leader invites one of us to speak in front of the class. Therefore, there isn’t reason to be shy or say “not yet”. Finding out reasons means that we’ll hear “Anda Takut??” and we’ll be embarrassed because we’ll hear “Anda Bodoh!!” then.

I think it’s right. I’m joining an English club for 2 year here. If I’m still afraid and not motivated to try it means I get 2 years futile effort.

English is about quantity not quality. The fluency of speaking depends on our frequency to practice our English. If we often practice our English, in the end, we’ll reach quality. Remember, English is spoken.

I like this slogan because now I’m encouraged to speak more in front of my friends although they always laugh on me. I get confidence from it. Until I write this article I don’t know how many mistake I’ve done, but I think this is just my process. It’s part of my improvement. My interlocutor is my teachers.

In addition, what about you? Do you still afraid practicing your English? If so, don’t expect that you’ll be fluent in English!

Sent by: Susliana (Batam island)

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