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Imagine if you are trapped in year 3000 because of a time machine. What will you see there? How will the world be? Become a nice future, or do you think that the earth has gone?

The sentences above were asked to my students to stimulate them to speak up. That time, I was confused about how to “force” my students to speak up. But luckily I found a good idea: invite them to play with their imagination.

When I tried to play this game, I had to ask several “fantasy” questions such as the question above. And if you want to try this game too, ensure that you also have “fantasy” questions which are stimulating your students to speak. Bring them to their fantasy world so that they find a new vision about something then ask them to describe / explain what they see, what they feel, and what they experience in their fantasy world. Sound like a kind of hypnotizing? 🙂 🙂 🙂

The questions you may build are (then you may make your own criteria):

  1. Imagine if you are trapped in year 3000 because of a time machine. What will you see there? How will the world be?
  2. Imagine if last night you slept and dreamt about living in America. In the next morning, when you wake up, suddenly you can’t speak in your mother tongue language anymore, but only English. What will you say first, what will you do first, and how will you communicate with the people around you?
  3. You get a chance to go around the world. Decide the first place you will visit, who will accompany you, and explain your reasons.
  4. Think that in the future, people can invent multifunction credit card or TV (or whatever). If you are one of the inventors, what will your credit card or TV (or whatever) look like? What functions will be added to your credit card, TV, or whatever you invent? Draw and explain to your friends.
  5. etc.

In playing this game, you may not run it in a conventional class situation. I mean, don’t set the class as if you were teaching as usual. But, set the class into a relax class, where you play instrumental music, ask your students to close their eyes for a while (for imagining the questions), and if it is possible, each student get different question they can choose from a rolled paper. And finally, keep remember this step: give a reward for the best imagination. You may give a special mark, chocolate, book, or whatever. Because your students must be love a reward.

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