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Is this soup good!

How a difficult test was!

Didn’t that speech inspire one!

What do you think about the sentences above? Are they a question, or whether I was wrong in placing punctuation mark?

The same question was in my mind too. It happened when I listen to TOEFL exercise and I found some questions that actually “not a real question” but an exclamation. Yeah, that is TOEFL. We have to conclude the sentences spoken by the cassette. And I was trapped when I listened to the cassette: I thought the sentences type was question, but it was an exclamation, so I was unable to answer some questions. Oh my god!

Exclamation, although it has the similar structure with question, but of course it has several differences. They are the punctuation mark and the intonation. In a question, we use question mark and the intonation is “rising”. And in an exclamation, we use interjection mark and the intonation is “moving down” or I call it a “falling intonation”. Hem, it was a something I’ve never learnt before (I guess, hahahaha…).

The second new thing I learnt from TOEFL exercise was idioms. I almost never learnt about idioms before. My teachers did not teach any idioms and daily slang. Only some formal expressions. Maybe, this thing has made me unable to practice perfect English. So, if you are an English teacher, please make it sure that you add idioms and slang in your material in teaching process so that your students can use their English well, not only a default/formal English. In fact, idioms and slang are needed for a good communication too. Because we cannot make a communication only with a formal English. Daily English is more often to be practiced. And in the daily English, sometimes we “avoid” what we have learnt in the classroom.

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