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senior-juniorWhen I taught SPEC (Student Practice English Club), I applied a “peer to peer education system”. I was inspired by PMR (Palang Merah Remaja) in my ex-school that owned KKR Team (Kader Kesehatan Remaja).

KKR itself has a program named “peer to peer education”. Each KKR member is an agent of change who has a big mission: socialize health program to other students.

From KKR program, I decided to imitate their program to be applied in my class. I order some of my students from the second grade to deliver a particular topic, to the first grade students. On the other words, the seniors teach the juniors.

Now you can use this method too. Because it will bring advantages such as:

You may ask your students to deliver games, simple topics, open and close the class session, etc. You may have a moving peer educator, too. I mean, your student can teach other students from other classes. Of course, before you apply this, you must socialize and prepare your students first. Especially, prepare the suitable materials, both for the peer educators and the other students.

To be more creative and attractive, you can record your students (make a video), then review it with your students. If it is possible, make a screening session in the end of semester or on the weekend. It can be an entertaining session too, right?

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