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majalah sekolahBuilding an ideal English class is (sometimes) hard even with a lot of fun activities. However, the word “class” creates an image: boring room. So, what are other ways out, to make our students enjoy their English? There are several activities to keep your students’ mood in learning and practicing their English. Of course, the activities must be various from time to time.

Creating interactive, fun, up date, and useful activities for your students is something easy.

Step number one, find out what is your students’ mostly like? Reading magazine? If so, invite them to create a bulletin/magazine for class, club, or school. Why create bulletin/magazine, not reading as their interest? Of course, if you ask them to read a magazine you bring then discuss it, they will get bored soon. Right?

When I was studying at the college, I and my friends also organized a campus bulletin called “The Creative Minority”. All contents were in English and were “hunted” by my reporters after the class. So fun and useful for our English development. We published it every month with various themes. We talked about Kartini day, Education day, etc. We also wrote about tips for learning English, poem (created by my friends), short story, etc. It was wonderful.

Then, if your students love to sing and play guitar, make an English musical class. Ask them to create their own English song to be performed in front of the class or in the end of semester. Make this as a creative project!

Or, if your students love to listen to the radio, build your own radio broadcast at school or bring them to the radio station with English broadcast. If it possible, make a relationship with the radio station to hold an English session for the students. Being a broadcaster, I am sure that it is a dream of some of your students.

Step number two, make an outdoor activity. You can hold it in the school yard or somewhere that you think can support your teaching-learning process. The most important thing is cheap, fun, and get to the materials. Just do something out of your class!

Two steps above are only about how you deliver the materials in different way. If you usually teach your class with conventional method (write, explain, and give homework), now it is your turn to build new English class. Create a drama show, hold English camp, organize internal competition such as retelling story or debating championship among your classes, create an English radio broadcast at school, create a school magazine, etc. Then, in each activities you hold, you can “insert” the materials as demanded by curriculums.

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