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gameDo you know “Domino Card”? If you do, you can use it to teach your students, especially to train them in arranging good sentences based on grammar. How can? Truly, the card that will be used is not the real “Domino Card”. But we will make it by ourselves. Just prepare some pieces of papers, 5 x 2.5 cm. Then divide the paper into 2 parts separated by a line. On each part, put a word. The arrangement of the words can be as follow: 1. I – like, 2. Love – story, 3. Like – writing, 4. And – poem, 5. Writing – love, 6. Story – and, 7. etc. From those words, we can make a sentence: I like writing love story and poem.
To play this game, your students only have to arrange the words into sentence. Like playing “Domino Card”, the same words should be piled. And, this game, actually is a very good way to vary your teaching method. On the other hands, you can make and stimulate your students to practice about using grammar directly. Ask them to conclude the writing structure and the formula of their sentence. Don’t be confused, it just like a jumbled words game. But here, you have to put the scattered words on the cards. You can fill the cards with words that will construct preferences, past events, expression of possibilities, degree of comparison, etc. So, if in “scrabble game” your students have to arrange so many letters into words, here they have to arrange so many words into sentences. Let’s play!

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