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DiscussionSurely, the difficulties in teaching-learning English are not something new, right? A lot of students still recognize that English is still difficult to learn. And actually, teachers can use various methods to help students to learn English faster and easier. Start to leave your handbook and try following methods:

Digging Vocabulary

How much vocabularies that your students can memorize well? A hundred, two hundreds, or as much as “Kamus Lengkap 300 Juta”? Of course, so many words. But, they often feel “no enough vocabulary to speak”.

There are so many ways to improve the students’ ability in vocabulary matter without memorizing all pages of dictionary. Here are the ways:

Step 1: ask your students to prepare a special thin book (just a thin book)

Step 2: ask your students to write the Indonesian words that started by letter “A”, and then write the translation in English. Remember, your students do not need to open dictionary. Just ask them to write the words that they have known, as much as possible, as much as they know, without opening dictionary!

Step 3: after they finish in writing words that started by letter “A”, now they should write the words that started by letter B, C, D, and so on.

Step 4: ask your students to use them in a conversation / every time they speak, or you can ask them to make sentences that contained certain word.

Step 5: see. Your students can mention so many words and they can apply the words in the real communication!

Now, tell your students to not recognize anymore, that they can’t speak in English because feeling lack of vocabularies. In fact, they have mastered many words.

“Arranging words from words” is a good way too, to improve students’ ability in vocabulary matter. Now, your job is preparing a word or more. Each word should be arranged into new words. Each letter may be used more than once in one word. For example:

ENVIRONMENTAL => Iron, Metal, Late, Tale, Ornament, Real, Later, Mental, Liar, Vote, Veil, Rival, River, Riot……etc.

Accustoming students to write

Writing is important too. As important as reading and speaking. The materials could be from anywhere: experience, observation, even from a picture. Yes! Each person has his own assumption about a picture. A student can “translate” a picture into his own story and could be different with other students. But, because sometimes writing is recognized as a boring activity, to reduce it we can use unique pictures to stimulate them to write.

From those various pictures, you can ask your students to make a composition. But, remember, the pictures given should be unique in order to stimulate them. Or, you can be more creative by asking your students to take photograph from their surrounding. Ask them to take “strange” photo with digital camera or camera on cell phone. Then, ask them to describe the photograph on a piece of paper (why they choose the photograph, what the meaning of the photograph is, etc.). The best description (or the best picture) should be given a reward.

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