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Why does someone who learns English for long time, sometimes still feeling unable to communicate in English?

Some factors can answer that question. They are the lack of vocabularies, unable to understand tenses and their usage, the lack of time and place to practice English, and lack of motivation. But, there are so many things we can do to overcome the problems above.

For example is vocabulary matter. By reading storybook or English books, we can get more vocabularies, added by the “how to” use them, and of course, you will need a dictionary. This method will be more effective than memorizing five new words from the dictionary everyday. If you only trying to memorize those words without trying to use them in a sentence, that way will not help you to improve your communication skill in English. Besides that, not all words in our dictionary can be used in the daily conversation.

The second thing that we need to pay attention on it is tenses. In Bahasa Indonesia, we don’t know (don’t have) any tenses. So that why, sometimes, we get difficulty in using tenses because we don’t used to at all. But, if we learn the formulas seriously and patiently, we can overcome the tenses difficulties. And of course, practice your tenses in daily conversation!

Time and place also can be a serious “obstacle” that sometime “prevent” us to practice our English. Usually, this is related with motivation. Some people practice at school only. Some people are afraid to make mistakes because don’t want to be mocked. In fact, we are really need to use our English as often as possible to make us more fluent. If you make a mistake, and your friend or your teacher can fix your mistake, it means that there will be true learning process. Finally, you don’t want to make the same mistake in the future.

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