learn englishSpeaking English, for some students is something hard. Only few students who bravely want to practice their English. In fact, to make them “speak up” they only need conducive environment that allow them to speak, not an environment that make them feel embarrassed to speak. Conducive environment itself can be created in two ways: personal communication, and English club.

Personal communication here means that speaking English can be started easily with the closest person in life. For example, we start to speak with a close friend or a classmate (consist of 2-3 person). Just practice this: you come to school in the morning and the soon you meet your classmate, the soon you say hello and ask him “how are you?” continued by asking “how is your brother/sister/family?” or “how is your homework? Is there any difficulty?”. Ignore your grammar and speak with 1 tense. Just think that simple past tense, future tense, and the others tenses are the same. After that, you may speak in Bahasa Indonesia again or keep speaking in English if you wish. Just practice the basic phrases / sentences first, to ensure that your environment doesn’t feel strange with your new habit.

By practicing with closest person in life, we will not feel too embarrassed. Although, maybe he / she will feel strange at the first time. So that why, I suggest you “to invite” or “ask for permission” first, to your friend / classmate / closest person in life to speak with you in English.

Secondly, through English club. Building an English club is a good way to practice your English and an English club is a good place for learning English outside of the class. Especially as a place to apply knowledge about English that have been received in the classroom. So, the activities should not be like a formal class, but should be fun, relax, and give a chance to the members to use their English. Wherever the English club exist (school, college, university, workplace) actually has the same concept: as a place to use English, not just study English. So that why, an English club, usually consist of people who have the same interest. So, in deciding to start an English club, you should find some other people who are interested in starting an English club and they won’t be shy to practice if they asked to use their English, no matter in what level their English is. After that, you can talk about the things you’d like to do together. Maybe you will make a discussion, debates, hold a special event for education day or your school’s anniversary, etc. But, please note that you must consider about the place and frequency of your meetings before you have activities. The next consideration will be about the committee and membership. Should your club have a leader, secretary, treasurer, etc? Or, will you share your responsibility? Should the members pay a weekly fee? And so on…

Then, in handling an English club, the meetings should not be like a formal class where you find teacher and students. The committee (if the club has committee) should not seem like a teacher. So, the committee must make the meetings just like a discussion group. Every activity done together and all rules obeyed together too. Some activities that suggested to be done in an English club are discussing a hot topic from magazine / newspaper or joining English radio program in your town (if available).

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    I can see that English language is spoken every parts of the world.Getting inspired by it i am learning English http://youtu.be/s6Ris80-QdY which can help me to speak excellent English.

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